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PiCO - Titanium Micro Bottle Opener
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The PiCO. The smallest bottle opener in the world to use leverage, that then became the most popular bottle opener funded by Kickstarter. Solid titanium, made in the USA, and tiny....
....like, really tiny.

Using a sturdy split-ring for leverage, and placing your thumb on the opposite side of the cap to lift, the PiCO makes quick work of bottlecaps, requiring only a single tug to remove a cap. It may not be quite as efficient leverage as a full size opener, but certainly no other bottle opener packs this much prying-punch-per-inch. In fact, we find it does a better job than many other keychain designs that are much larger.

Each PiCO comes with a 1" heavy duty steel split ring. Be sure to check out our Titanium Split Ring for the ultimate titanium EDC.


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Upgrade to Denim Blue Anodized Finish [add $4.00]


Titanium Split Ring

Titanium Split Ring