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Delta Prime Spinner
Delta Prime EDC Fidget Spinner | Pangea Designs
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Delta Prime: CNC machined from solid billet in either Stainless Steel or Titanium, the Delta Prime EDC fidget spinner has been designed from the ground up to be both a whimsically entertaining spinner, an effective bottle opener, and a handy 1/4" driver tool. Its compact form factor makes the Delta Prime a lightweight, nimble spinner that can be carried unobtrusively in a pocket or on a keychain. Featuring performance hybrid ceramic r188 bearings, and precision CNC machined here in the USA.

The Purpose: Have you ever clicked a pen, played with your hair, tapped your foot, or spun a quarter on a restaurant table? Congratulations, you may be the type of person who likes to fidget. To some extent, we all thrive on fidgeting. We all move our bodies in subtle, extraneous ways while our mind is occupied. Imagine carrying on a conversation while remaining completely still. It would be weird, wouldn't it? Often times, we do not even notice these subconscious movements. It is thought that fidgeting may occupy portions of your brain that would otherwise distract the rest of your mind, allowing the rest to focus more easily. Not only that, but many believe that having a dedicated fiddle object can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as lessen the effects of ADHD, PTSD, or Autism. They are also known to increase our cognitive creativity and concentration. But most importantly, us fidgeters simply find them fun.

Every Day Carry: We designed the Delta Prime to be taken with you. Either slipped in a pocket, or attached to a keyring, the Delta Prime will keep you be prepared for those unexpected moments of boredom. Be it waiting to crack open next round of craft IPA's at the local brewery, or passing the time in the airport where TSA didn't allow you to bring the rest of your EDC. To add a bit of multitool functionality, the openings in the Delta Prime frame are designed to fit 1/4" hex bits and bolt heads in a pinch.

Materials: Our standard material offering is stonewashed 303 Stainless Steel. At half the weight, our Titanium Delta Primes have slightly reduced spin times due to less rotational mass, but feel very nimble and responsive in the fingertips, and virtually unnoticeable in the pocket.

: $75.00
Sale Price: $55.00
Savings: $20.00

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